About us

16 years ago I changed my life with great satisfaction to run a jewelry store taking advantage of Joaquim Radresa’s retirement. With their support and that of my family, the store has made a name for itself both as a physical and virtual (online?) store.

In our store we offer you a selection of traditional and classic pieces: that jewel that constitutes a jeweler’s fund and that every woman in the world would love to have or that jewel that transports us to other times, reminding us of loved ones; together with more avant-garde pieces of jewelry: for unique and meaningful moments, to stand out from the crowd, to feel good about yourself.

That’s why we encourage local trade, buying and promoting mainly small artisan workshops, often family-run, with whom we share the idea of a job well done and offer the best quality with a great commitment to satisfy the wishes of our dear customers …

We love interacting with you and that’s why we make it easy for you, contact: